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Advantages of our Partners


Wanting to start a home base or small tax service for clients in your area or just wishing to expand your services to offer tax preparation but don't know how?

Join our team as a Franchise Owner where we will help you along the way of being a successful business owner!

Start A Franchise 


Best for beginners and new business owners seeking to start a business but have no prior knowledge and little start up capital!

Franchise Split

  • 60/40 Tax Preparation Fee Revenue Split in Favor of Entry-level Partner

  • IRS Registration:  We will help with PTIN and EFIN applications
  • Web Base Professional Tax Software operational in all 50 states.
  • Each Tax Return Reviewed By Senior Agent .
  • Tax Preparer Training on Professional Tax Software Bank Products
  • Office available to  Print Checks and Issue Debit Cards On-Site
  • $500 - $6000 Cash Advances, at no cost to the Taxpayer, repaid through Taxpayers Tax Refund
  • Franchise Coach
  • Tax Business Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Site Selection and for your Tax Business if needed
  • Tax Preparation Business Branded and Customizable Marketing Materials available for purchase
  • Electronic Record Storage for your Tax Business
  • One Touch English to Spanish Conversion